I am a sound artist with a focus on project-based sound and visual media for public engagement and live performance.

I have toured nationally in the US and internationally, performing at art museums, galleries, cultural centers, town halls, youth centers, shelters, public schools, public libraries, local and international music and contemporary art festivals and gallery spaces.

I have given artist & diversity talks at Riletta Twyne Cream Family School in Camden, New Jersey for a 2nd grade class - Germain Tillon High School in île-de-France - and a performance with a question & answer segment for a permanent housing shelter for elderly facing homelessness or domestic violence, in Brest, France.


My family and i moved every 1-2 years due to health issues facing my parents and two siblings. I have never lived in one home for more than 2 years my entire life. As a child, i attended a total of 7 different schools, and have lived in 6 different countries as an adult. Currently, i am based in Albania.

I am second generation American, Haïtian-Filipino (Jeanjacques-Ongsingco) and Puerto Rican (Córdova-Alarcón). I was born in the Mohave Desert, Mohave County, Arizona - 17 FEBRUARY 1984 - the sun in Aquarius cusp Pisces - Sagittarius rising - moon in Virgo - Venus in Capricorn - Mars in Scorpio - North Node in Gemini - Chiron in Taurus - non binary - 5'7" (175 cm) - 120 lbs (55 kg)


I want to offer inspiration towards the maturing of our societies.

I think there is a common thread in all of my work which speaks to the challenges of manipulative, oppressive, social governing and policing systems.


Ramona Córdova is a sound artist — passionate about writing, communicating, linguistics, behavioural & social psychology, observation & investigative research, photography, sound recording, and design. Their artist focus is on project-based sound and visual media, public engagement and live performance — although they are best known for their music as a singer songwriter.


Ramona grew up giving research-based public talks in front of their church congregation and loved engaging in their creative writing class in elementary school. When they were 10 they recorded their own radio show on tape cassette, and even managed to broadcast live on-air via an AM signal transmitter their brother made in vocational school for electronics. They began learning the guitar by ear when they were 7-8 years old and started writing lyrics and songs around 10. They performed their first concert with their band at a local Filipina-Owned bar in the town where they lived when they were 15.

In high school, Ramona took an architectural design & drafting class learning technical drawing by hand and with CAD. They also took a graphic design class where they learned Adobe Photoshop, a computer typing class, general arts classes focusing on drawing and painting, a cooking & sewing class, machine & woodworking class, and a 5 year Spanish language course. They quit psychology class after the first day, realising that the sort of thought process of psychology was something they loved and preferred discovering and observing on their own.

Throughout their teenage years, Ramona also began teaching themself how to play the drums, reed instruments, labrosone or brass instruments, and stringed instruments, while developing and exploring their own voice.

Throughout their 20's they began a process learning about film and photography. They started experimenting with Holga and Polaroid cameras eventually switching to using a small digital point-and-shoot camera in order to gain a better understanding of the relationship between light, lens, and the image being photographed. Applying what they learned about light exposure, film speeds, apertures, and shutter speeds, they were then able to more efficiently experiment with 35mm film and analog SLR cameras. This study of photography came together in their first short film Un Deux Trois which they photographed and directed in Paris in 2012.

Their 20's were also spent focusing on the musical side of their artistic development. In 2004 they wrote their first solo album The Boy Who Floated Freely a short story fairytale presented through song. The album was released in the US by ECA Records in 2005 and was licensed to the French music label Clapping Music and Sleeping Star Records in Italy, in 2006. At this time they were invited to perform their first concert in Europe at La Fleche D'or (The Golden Feather), in Paris. Ramona then began working with French booking agency Murailles Music performing around Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Canada, México, The People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Japan, Taïwan and the Russian Federation. The album's music video Giver's Reply featured handmade marionettes made by Italian sculpture artist Emilio Maggi, and a miniature village and bar designed by Ramona with a small team in Rome, Italy. The music video was included on MTV Italy's regular rotation and was featured along side an Italian national TV broadcast interview on MTV Brand New. Interviews and radio play continued on French national radio stations France Inter and France Culture as the album received critical acclaim and positive reviews & tour related press. During this period Ramona was invited to perform at La Biennale di Venezia (French Pavilion for the 10th International Architecture Exhibition), Le Grand Palais - Paris, and Di Tre Colori e d'Una Dimensione -- A work developed as a conceptual path in search of the meaning of the feminine condition, approaching the mystery of motherhood in its antithetic possibilities: fulfilment or denial -- by Raffaele Curi, Fondazione Alda Fendi – Esperimenti.

Following the release of their debut album, Ramona began designing a tactile audio-visual installation around a fable they wrote called The Soil That Sought Shay. A space, intended to fit one person at a time, was designed to give the feeling of being transported and immersed into another dimension. The main structure of the installation was made up of a 2 meter long arched tunnel of flowering vines. Lit up only by one small spot light at the far end of the tunnel, was an elaborately carved wooden book hung up on a nail with twine. Opening the book revealed beautifully hand scripted pages filled with the lyrical poetry and metaphor of The Soil that sought Shay. A recorded narration of the short story was set to play through small speakers once the book was opened. The project was presented to a local gallery and exhibition space in Philadelphia but was not accepted.

From this point on, Ramona continued touring and performing special events, notably performing at Centro Cultural de España in Distrito Federal, México in 2008, and Polychorosket - Temps Zero screening and photo exhibition in Athens Greece, where they made an improvisational set on violin and shortwave radio, along side Greek artist Costinho on keyboards in 2012.

In 2013, they released their anticipated follow-up album Quinn to new relationships for which they collaborated with French cellist Gaspar Claus, French Brazilian cellist Dom La Nena and Ukrainian pianist and harpsichordist Maryna Voznyuk. The album, released by Clapping Music / Murailles Music, was recorded in France and was composed and arranged by Ramona for épinette, piano, toy piano, two cello, electric guitar and vocals.

In 2015 Ramona scored the Webby Award winning film The Sea is Blue, an animated short about how the sea got its colour -- by Emmy award winning director, writer, and cinematographer Vincent Peone. The film was scored in exchange for a professional-grade audio interface, a negotiation made by Ramona in order to be able to continue producing and recording independently.

The interface, a Universal Audio Apollo Twin, was used to make their 3rd album On Paper -- which was released exclusively on bandcamp and digital streaming platforms worldwide by AWAL / Kobalt in 2016. The album was tracked and recorded in New Mexico by John Dietericht of Deerhoof, while Ramona focused on the albums overall production quality, and mixing the album on their own. In 2018, after attending the 145th annual AES convention in New York, Ramona tracked and recorded their 4th album Naïve, focusing more on the recording engineering aspects such as microphone selection and microphone placement, mixing, and the audio mastering process.

In 2019 following a European tour in support of the release of On Paper, and a notable performance at the open-air festival Serralves em Festa in Porto Portugal, with the main exhibition « I'm your mirror » by Joana Vasconcelos -- Ramona began developing the installation « Diverting the ego - through the visual image of sound - What Unites Us ? » a concept, practice, exercise and demonstration which came to light while living in Tiranë, Albania. They were subsequently invited to present the installation at Teatri Kombetar in Tiranë in 2020 as part of the ongoing protests against the planned demolition of the historical theatre. Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, the installation was cancelled and the theatre went on to be demolished.

Given the uncertainties presented by the pandemic, Ramona took the opportunity to develop a script for a short film which would include elements of the installation, along with auto-documented footage of experiences captured while living day-to-day amongst the neighbourhoods in Vlorë, Albania where they were based at the time. The short film

M Y T H was filmed during the summer of 2020 and is currently released as a low resolution file on Youtube, given the ongoing uncertainty of future public events such as film festivals, screenings, and the like.

Concurrently during this period Ramona began talks with the Tallin, Estonia-based recording label Hidden Harmony Recordings for a special limited edition vinyl record release of their album Naïve. The album is now slated for release 2021, and was beautifully mastered at Metropolis Studios in London by Matt Colton who has worked on albums such as FKA Twigs - EP2, Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe, Sampha - Process, Thom Yorke - Suspiria.


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